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Dear Parents and Students,

At Farr Guitar Studio, every student is capable of becoming a guitarist. Each student is recognized as an individual with specific educational needs. Throughout each lesson, Farr Guitar Studio strives to engage the student’s heart and mind. The studio curriculum’s objectives are comprehensive, yet can be constructed to accommodate many different learning styles and musical preferences. A quality guitar education is accompanied by a greater sense of individuality and self-confidence. Musical education provides the student with aesthetic sensitivity and provides a means for creativity and self-expression.

“Jake is a wonderful guitar teacher.  I have enjoyed seeing my daughter’s desire to play guitar turn into her passion.  Jake is very knowledgable about what he is teaching and that knowledge base translates into fun and inventive guitar lessons that my daughter looks forward to each week!”A. Carter, mom/educator

Four pillars guide the Farr Guitar Studio Curriculum: Genre, Theory, Creativity, and Performance. Genre is what initially engages the student and eventually provides increased understanding of other cultures and time periods. The students will learn music from their preferred genre and gradually branch out into different styles of music.  Theory is the language of the musician. It allows students to understand, speak, read, and write the musical language. With a concrete theoretical foundation, students become musically literate and poetic. Creativity is largely expressed through improvisation and composition. After students play repertoire in a specific genre and learn the appropriate theoretical concepts, they will have the opportunity to create original music inspired by their education. Performance is the moment that the music is shared with an audience. Students will be taught how to play expressively and with conviction when performing. Regular performances develop a sense of courage and self-trust in the student. The four pillars of the Farr Guitar Studio Curriculum ensure that each student receives a thorough education.

Studying at Farr Guitar studio provides an opportunity for students to experience hard work, creative expression, and an encouraging learning environment. I look forward to talking with you more about my studio and curriculum. Please contact me with any questions.


Jake Farr

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Why Choose Farr Guitar Studio for your homeschooler?

  • Engaging lessons built around your child’s interests 
  • Lessons are given by a TEA Certified Teacher (early childhood-12th grade)
  • Comprehensive training in Classical, Jazz, Christian and/or Popular styles  
  • The Farr Guitar Studio Curriculum is in alignment with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) 
  • Juries can be aligned with homeschooling assessments 
  • Special discounts and scholarships for families with multiple students