Guitar Lessons – Austin, TX

Why Take Guitar Lessons at Farr Guitar Studio in Austin?

At Farr Guitar Studio, every student gets the chance to learn to play the music they are passionate about.  Farr Guitar Studio offers expert teaching and individualized lessons for all ages – this produces quick results so each student feels a sense of pride and accomplishment.  I’m so confident that you’ll love our guitar lessons that the first lesson is FREE of charge!  I want to help each student get the time they need and deserve to develop their skills, so there are guaranteed opportunities to reschedule missed lessons–and  Skype lessons for those who can’t make it into the studio.  Another thing that sets us apart:  special discounts and scholarships for students with financial need, and no contracts to sign or setup fees to pay.

No matter what style of music you want to learn to play on guitar, you can learn it here.  Each student learns the techniques they need and want to learn, and the guitar chords and guitar scales often used in the music styles they prefer.  By mixing these teachings in with lessons on how to read tablature (also known as tabs) and how to read sheet music, students will be able to move on to playing fantastic cover songs, writing their own music, and playing beautiful-sounding improvisation.

Another aspect that sets Farr Guitar Studio apart from the rest is the Four Pillar philosophy, which guides the curriculum: Genre, Theory, Creativity, and Performance. Genre is what initially engages the student and eventually provides increased understanding of other cultures and time periods. The students will learn music from their preferred genre and gradually branch out into different styles of music.  Theory is the language of the musician. It allows students to understand, speak, read, and write the musical language. With a concrete theoretical foundation, students become musically literate and poetic. Creativity is largely expressed through improvisation and composition. After students play repertoire in a specific genre and learn the appropriate theoretical concepts, they will have the opportunity to create original music inspired by their education. Performance is the moment that the music is shared with an audience. Students will be taught how to play expressively and with conviction when performing. Regular performances develop a sense of courage and self-trust in the student. The four pillars of the Farr Guitar Studio Curriculum ensure that each student receives a thorough education.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners of All Ages

If you’re looking for a private guitar lesson in Austin then contact us at Farr Guitar Studio. We teach guitar lessons to adults and children ages 5 and up.  After trying out your first FREE lesson, we know you’ll see why our students in Austin, TX love  learning with us.  We give each and every student the attention, focus, and patience they need to become great guitar players.  Our custom lesson plans tailored to each student ensure that they learn what they want to learn as quickly as possible–and have fun in the process! 
At Farr Guitar studio, we believe that children aged 7-8 are the perfect age to get started learning how to play guitar; but we know that it’s never too young to get started, so we accept children as young as 5.  For the younger children, we start with songs that they are capable of playing so that they can reach their goals, not become discouraged, and have the desire to learn more that sticks with them as they grow older. 
If you’re an adult that lives in Austin and want to learn to play the guitar, we offer guitar lessons that you’ll find fun, informative, and challenging enough to keep you interested and moving forward. We know that after taking some lessons with us, you’ll be strumming away in no time.  There’s no age cap, either!  Whether you’re 13 or 70, we can get teach you what you want to learn.  If you’ve already dabbled in playing guitar, that’s great!  We can start with what you know and build on it with customized lessons plans tailored specially for you.

Guitar Lessons For All Musical Styles

If you want to start learning how to play acoustic guitar, we can teach you everything you need and want to know–no matter your age or skill level!  The acoustic guitar lessons for beginners offered at Farr Guitar Studio cover everything from finger picking to proper strumming technique, and we move to chords and scales. 
Want to jump into learning to play electric guitar?  That’s great!  You can learn how to play blues, rock (classic or alternative), pop, metal, whatever your heart desires. 
If you’re more interested in playing classical music, you can learn classical techniques and practice learning famous classical masterpieces and beautiful arrangements.

Homeschooler Guitar Lessons

Why Farr Guitar Studio is the perfect environment for your homeschooler:  Engaging lessons are built around your child’s interests.  The lessons are given by a TEA Certified Teacher (early childhood-12th grade).  Comprehensive training in Classical, Jazz, Christian and/or Popular styles.  The Farr Guitar Studio Curriculum is in alignment with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Juries can be aligned with homeschooling assessments.  Special discounts and scholarships for families with multiple students.