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Guitar Lessons in Austin

Looking for great guitar lessons in Austin?

When you take lessons at Farr Guitar Studio, you are immersing yourself in the culture of Austin’s music scene. While most studios are focused on “textbook” education and rigid practice schedules, Jake creatively paves the way for you to truly become a musician. In each lesson Jake teaches highly efficient practice techniques that get results without taking up too much time. You will also have access to a community of Austin guitarists who regularly meet, perform, and jam together in a relaxed environment.

Don’t waste your time with subpar teachers or playing the YouTube shuffle. For expert teaching, personalized instruction and true musicianship, sign up today!

“Jake is great to work with and he makes guitar playing easy. Lessons are enjoyable because you pick the music and the agenda, I only wish I had scrapped boring YouTube videos sooner. I highly recommend Jake as an instructor, and by the way, hes a great guy, too!”F. Castillon, neurosurgeon, Covenant Hospital


  • Rock 
  • Popular 
  • Blues 
  • Jazz 
  • Country
  • Bluegrass 
  • Folk 
  • Classical
  • Spiritual
  • And many more… 


  • Music Reading/TAB 
  • Theory 
  • Technique 
  • Songwriting 
  • Composing/Arranging
  • Improvisation 
  • Performance Skills 
  • Genre/Style
  • Lead/Rhythm
  • And many more…