It is of the upmost importance to me that you get the appropriate amount of time for the money you have invested into your guitar education. In fact, it is my personal goal to provide you with MORE value than you are paying for.

In order to operate a sustainable business, I am unable to prorate missed lessons; however, I do offer 6+ hours classes, community events and workshops every month. These opportunities will not only assist in making up missed time, but actually expedite your growth as a musician.

When you are unable to make a lesson, please choose from this list of opportunities below:

  • Sign up for a Thursday Night Ear Training Class
    • Playing by ear is the height of musical fluency, one of the most coveted guitar skills, and it doesn’t happen by accident.
    • If you want to hear music like a professional, sign up for the next class. Despite what you may think, it is never too early to start.
  • Request a song for me to transcribe for YOU
    • If you have ever looked up a song on a tab site or YouTube, you know how challenging it can be to find a transcription that is easy to understand and truly captures the essence of a song.
    • When you submit a song request, I’ll spend your lesson time creating a piece of music that is easy to understand and is designed to make you a better guitarist.
  • Attend additional community events (per the seasonal schedule)
    • Although many guitar teachers and websites do not acknowledge this (or are unaware of it), the quickest path to musical fluency is by participating in a musical community.The students who participate in a musical community outshine the ones that do not, every time.
    • Every month I offer the performance circles, jam sessions, workshops and concerts all designed to immerse you in the musical language. Although it may sound intimidating, I would encourage you to just show up and see how casual (and fun) it really is.
  • Reschedule your lesson with my online calendar
    • If you have cancelled your lesson with 24-hour notice or missed due to an emergency, feel free to reschedule with my online calendar.
    • If you are unable to find a time, please choose from the above options or email me at