When you are unable to make a lesson, please choose from this list of opportunities below:

  • Reschedule your lesson with my online calendar
    • If you have cancelled your lesson with 24-hour notice or missed due to an emergency, feel free to reschedule with my online calendar.
    • If you are unable to find a time, please choose from the above options or check back another day
  • RSVP to additional community events (per the seasonal schedule)
    • Every month I host performance circles, exclusive concerts and guest artist interviews that will connect you to the thriving Austin music scene and truly immerse you in music. The students who participate in a musical community outshine the ones that do not, every time.
  • Can’t find a time? Fill this form out.
    • While there are 6 lesson times reserved for reschedules every week, they can fill up fast. If you are unable to find a time, just fill this out and I will get back to you ASAP.